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Lawless Tac. Bac Pac 45L Lawless Accessories
Lawless Tac. Bac Pac 45L Lawless Accessories

Lawless Tactical Backpack

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Lawless Tactical Backpack

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Our Lawless Tactical Backpack is a genuinely sturdy gym bag that will be able to fit all of your equipment, even if you’re one of the ‘All The Gear, No Idea’ athletes like myself.

Available in black, feel free to double strap it like a nerd, single strap it so you don’t have to rob the world of the portion of chest that the other strap would cover, or no strap it, which is technically just throwing it around, which we don’t recommend. Lawless encourages roguish behaviour, but not tossing bags at other gym goers.


Complete with all the pockets you can muster, sturdy stitching sewn into every part of the backpack, and a hefty 45l worth of space, this Tac-Bac-Pac is sure to fit all of your needs.


If you are more of an outdoor athlete, keen on sneaking some cheeky hikes in, or an avid mountain biker, this backpack is absolutely perfect for these scenarios too. Balanced all around, with two straps available to link across your chest and your waist to ensure it's not shifting around to much on your adventure.


The Lawless Tactical Backpack is ready for anything you throw at it.